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Re: Kids reunion

----- Original Message ----- From: "Bruce"

> The multiangle uses the same take 1 to take 2 splice. The difference from
> the film is the synth, drum break and slide are live (likely take 1).

OK, I get it now.  I don't know why I'm so obsessed with knowing how it fits
together, but thanks for putting me straight.

One question I still have is the soundtrack.  It sounds like they used the
Take 2 ending from the film, but added at least a little guitar.  Have you
got the scoop on that?

> The reason I think the splice from take
> 1 and 2 is just after the slide there are a few seconds of damaged film
> which make for a natural place to edit and John A. hints that is the spot.
> It would have been anti-climatic to use the take 1 ending and everyone is
> used to the film version.

Or, they threw in those "damaged" frames so that they wouldn't have to go
through the trouble of making a new edit to transition from the Take 1 slide
to the Take 2 ending.  They would have had to do it for six different camera
angles! Ooh, and does the audio switch over before the picture?  I still
have my doubts that Pete played the first few notes after the
'Yeeeeeeaaaaaaaahhhhhh' lying on his back.

By the way, you mentioned having seen the Take 1 ending on the DVD.  Where
is that shown?  During the Stein interview?

Jim M

P.S. Sorry if this is turning into the most boring thread ever.