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Re: Kids reunion

----- Original Message ----- From: "Bruce"

> > I knew the laser show on the synth break was shot the next day, but
> > realize anything else was.  I'll definitely look more >closely at the
> slide
> next time.
> Didn't you ever wonder how at the end of the slide Pete was all the way
> on John's side of the stage, yet in the very next shot he is on the other
> end of the stage?  Splice! :)

Well, the slide is shown in slow motion, so everyone will be in different
positions when the action starts.  That didn't phase me.  Now, the missing
crowd, on the other hand, should have been a giveaway.

> Yes, (It says take 1 on the multi-angle) I don't think it was that it was
> lackluster but how it ended.  At the end of the song the band are just
> standing there wondering what to do next.  Pete and Roger give each other
> limp handshake like they were total strangers.  Stein said they looked
> they were having a cup of tea.  They show this clip on the DVD.  Contrast
> that with happened after take 2.  The crowd goes wild, rushes the stage
> you have the interaction between audience and band.

So, the original film had video spliced in from the laser show (I knew
that), Pete's slide and an ending from the second take.  Plus, there's a
point where the audio switches from the first take to the second, and the
ending is from the second?

The problem I have with that explanation is that the ending of the film
version and the multi-angle look and sound so similar, that I can't believe
they're two separate takes.  Pete tossing the cymbal in the air and into his
guitar looks the same in the film and the mulit-angle, but you're saying
they're from two different takes.  If that's so, then their performance was
planned to the point of doing the same moves at the same point in the song.
I need to get the versions side by side to convince myself.  I've got a new
computer coming soon with a DVD rom.  That should make it easier.

Jim M