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Re: Kids reunion

> The one I really liked was angle 4 (Pete Cam B).  

I like the Pit Cam.  Or, as I call it, the Daltrey Crotch Cam.

> In the film, Pete drags his pick up a string, making a screeching sound 
> and you can see his finger is bleeding.  

Hmmmm.  I'll have to check that out.  I was surprised at how clear the
blood on Pete's fingers & cheek came out during the "Sparks" segment.
I had never noticed that before.

> On Pete Cam B, you can see where he slashes the finger hitting one of 
> his power chords.  He looks at it and puts it in his mouth and then 
> seems to have blood on his lips after that.  

Ha!  Wow, I'll have to look for that, too!  You can see Pete looking at 
his bleeding finger, again during the "Sparks" scene, during one of the
stage-left (OX) camera shots which show Keith & Pete.  He strums a chord,
holds his hand up, looks at his finger, & inspects the damage.

> but on Pete Cam B you get to see how the cymbal got there in the first 
> place.  Moonie just kind of flicks it off its stand dismissively.  It's 
> not really that dramatic, but I just found it really cool.

I think you can see Moonie doing that in the actual film edit, as well.
It just kind of flops off - and falls down onto the stage floor.   

> I'm speculating that the reason it's in slow motion in the film is 
> that there's no way Pete kept playing during the slide.

Here's what I think happened.  Pete did the slide live while they were
playing the song.  But the slide in the *film* was re-shot separately in 
slow motion without the band actually playing.

So the slide you see on all the multi-camera angles is from the actual
performance, whereas the final film version is an edited-in reshoot.

> I don't want to start a whole "best I ever had" conspiracy theory thing, 
> but I'm pretty sure they had to dub in some guitar there.

No conspiracy theory there.  It's a fact.

> One place they definitely did dub guitar is on the soundtrack.  After 
> Pete gets up from his slide, and just before the climax, there's a 
> little spot where they seem to get out of sync and Pete just kind of 
> strums a few chords.  I think that's left that way in the film, but on 
> the CD there's some extra guitar thrown in to fill the void.

Good ears.  There's definitely guitar overdubs as Pete played that part
pretty sparsely live.  He added overdubs which are reminiscent of the 
way it's played on the studio version.

Have you also noticed that Keith's drum intro before Roger's scream is
different on the soundtrack as compared to the film?  The snare drum
gives it away.  More overdubbing & editing.  

- SCHRADE in Akron

The Council For Secular Humanism