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Re: Kids reunion

----- Original Message ----- From: "Bruce"

> Haven't you guys watched the "making of" DVD interview on disc 2?

Looks like I need to.  I thought the feature on disc 2 was more about
restoring the film than the film itself.  I also haven't gotten around to
watching the film with Stein's commentary overlayed.  The brief snippet of
that I heard sounded interesting.

> John says take 1 was used up to the synth break. The synth break and slide
> were filmed the next day (note there is no crowd during the slide!).
> the slide until the end of the song is Take 2.
> The multi-angle clip uses the live slide and live drum break (both likely
> take 1).

I knew the laser show on the synth break was shot the next day, but didn't
realize anything else was.  I'll definitely look more closely at the slide
next time.

However, I always thought that the reason for the second take of the song
was that the first take was lackluster.  Are you saying that 3/4 of the song
is from that take?  Who's John?  Is there Entwistle commentary in the
special feature?