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Re: Kids reunion

> > Here's what I think happened.  Pete did the slide live while they were
> > playing the song.  But the slide in the *film* was re-shot separately in
> > slow motion without the band actually playing.
> >
> > So the slide you see on all the multi-camera angles is from the actual
> > performance, whereas the final film version is an edited-in reshoot.
> Could be, but I think the film slide is the same slide, slowed down and
> shown from stage right (Wing Cam?).

Haven't you guys watched the "making of" DVD interview on disc 2?

John says take 1 was used up to the synth break. The synth break and slide
were filmed the next day (note there is no crowd during the slide!).  After
the slide until the end of the song is Take 2.

The multi-angle clip uses the live slide and live drum break (both likely
take 1).