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Re: Kids reunion

----- Original Message ----- From: "Schrade, Scott"

> > The one I really liked was angle 4 (Pete Cam B).
> I like the Pit Cam.  Or, as I call it, the Daltrey Crotch Cam.

Well, I get uncomfortable looking at a man's crotch for that long.

> Ha!  Wow, I'll have to look for that, too!  You can see Pete looking at
> his bleeding finger, again during the "Sparks" scene, during one of the
> stage-left (OX) camera shots which show Keith & Pete.  He strums a chord,
> holds his hand up, looks at his finger, & inspects the damage.

How did he manage to play night after night with that kind of damage to his
fingers?  They must have been sore and swolen.

> Here's what I think happened.  Pete did the slide live while they were
> playing the song.  But the slide in the *film* was re-shot separately in
> slow motion without the band actually playing.
> So the slide you see on all the multi-camera angles is from the actual
> performance, whereas the final film version is an edited-in reshoot.

Could be, but I think the film slide is the same slide, slowed down and
shown from stage right (Wing Cam?).

> Have you also noticed that Keith's drum intro before Roger's scream is
> different on the soundtrack as compared to the film?  The snare drum
> gives it away.  More overdubbing & editing.

I did think that sounded different, but I figured it was due to the
remastering.  I like the movie version.  I wonder why they felt the need to
f*** with it on the soundtrack?

Jim M