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Re: Kids reunion

> I knew the laser show on the synth break was shot the next day, but didn't
> realize anything else was.  I'll definitely look more >closely at the
next time.

Didn't you ever wonder how at the end of the slide Pete was all the way over
on John's side of the stage, yet in the very next shot he is on the other
end of the stage?  Splice! :)

> However, I always thought that the reason for the second take of the song
> was that the first take was lackluster.  Are you saying that 3/4 of the
> is from that take?

Yes, (It says take 1 on the multi-angle) I don't think it was that it was
lackluster but how it ended.  At the end of the song the band are just
standing there wondering what to do next.  Pete and Roger give each other a
limp handshake like they were total strangers.  Stein said they looked like
they were having a cup of tea.  They show this clip on the DVD.  Contrast
that with happened after take 2.  The crowd goes wild, rushes the stage and
you have the interaction between audience and band.

  Who's John?  Is there Entwistle commentary in the
> special feature?
Albarian, like  Scott said. Entwistle was going to be interviewed but...