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Re: Kids reunion

> So, the original film had video spliced in from the laser show (I knew
> that), Pete's slide and an ending from the second take.  Plus, there's a
> point where the audio switches from the first take to the second, and the
> ending is from the second?

Yes and don't forget the drum overdubs in late August.  Keith recorded
overdubs on the Shepperton and Boston '68 (it was silent footage) clips.
This was his last studio recording.

> The problem I have with that explanation is that the ending of the film
> version and the multi-angle look and sound so similar, that I can't
> they're two separate takes.  Pete tossing the cymbal in the air and into
> guitar looks the same in the film and the mulit-angle, but you're saying
> they're from two different takes.  If that's so, then their performance
> planned to the point of doing the same moves at the same point in the
> I need to get the versions side by side to convince myself.  I've got a
> computer coming soon with a DVD rom.  That should make it easier.

The multiangle uses the same take 1 to take 2 splice. The difference from
the film is the synth, drum break and slide are live (likely take 1).  Note
the drum break isn't as sharp(but it does match!), and there are no fancy
laser effects that are in the film.  The reason I think the splice from take
1 and 2 is just after the slide there are a few seconds of damaged film
which make for a natural place to edit and John A. hints that is the spot.
It would have been anti-climatic to use the take 1 ending and everyone is
used to the film version.