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Re: Kids reunion

> How did he manage to play night after night with that kind of damage to his
> fingers?  They must have been sore and swollen.

Well, as a drummer I can tell you that, when you're playing in front of an
audience & you injure yourself, it doesn't have that strong of an effect
when it happens.  It's kind of like, you look down & go, "Oh. I'm bleed-

On occasion, while I'm drumming, I'll whack my knuckle on one of my
cymbals.  I feel it when I do it (!), but it's not a pain that makes me stop
playing.  It's difficult to explain.

If I was walking around & accidentally whacked my hand into something 
- hard - I'd probably stop what I was doing, start hopping around holding 
my hand, & let out some interesting curses.

But when I'm drumming & I do it, my first thought is, "Uh oh.  I think I
just whacked my hand.  Wonder if that's gonna bleed."  Then, as I continue
to play, I try to sneak a peek downward to see if there's any blood.  There's
not that initial "Holy fuck!" pain that makes you stop what you're doing.

I did this at a show about a month ago.  But I didn't have to look down
to see if my knuckle was bleeding because as soon as I whacked it on the 
cymbal I could feel the blood splattering around & dripping down my fingers!

I suppose it's the same way with Pete.  You're so wrapped up in the
performance that you don't really know you're injured to the point of
drawing blood until you glance down & notice it.

The worst pain comes after the show.  When you wash your hands.  That
& the next day when any bruising & swelling may occur.

But poor Pete.  He was probably opening up the same hand wounds night 
after night.  

> Could be, but I think the film slide is the same slide, slowed down and
> shown from stage right (Wing Cam?).

See Bruce's post.

>  I wonder why they felt the need to f*** with it on the soundtrack?

The first reaction is usually, "Why did they fuck with it?"  But I've come 
to understand that, what we think of as someone just fucking with
something for the hell of it, usually has a legitimate reason for why it
was done.

Now, I don't claim to know why the drum parts are different on the
soundtrack & the film, but I'd be willing to bet it wasn't just some producer
deciding to make extra work for himself or herself just to be different.
Usually, there's a reason why something gets done a certain way.

- SCHRADE in Akron

The Council For Secular Humanism