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	I just finished reading the three digests I got over the weekend
and so far no one has mentioned the interview that Fox 25 aired on their
weekend wrap up show last night.

	In this interview Walker said that if the Celtics don't resign him
this offseason and let him become a free agent, then he will DEFINITELY
sign somewhere else because the Celtics will have shown no loyalty to him.

	Now I'm pretty sure Falk put him up to this as a negotiating
tactic, but it still reeks of the type of me-first selfishness that will
prevent Walker from ever winning a championsip.  Falk knows that next year
Walker's leverage will go way down when hardly anyone has the cap room or
financial resources to offer Walker $100M+.

	But for Walker to actually come out and say that just shows you
how much of a spoiled brat he is.  This situation is similar to when the
little kid says to his parent, "I'm holding my breath until you buy me
some ice cream!!!"  In this case, Pitino should just let Walker suffocate.

Hoping ex-Celtic Michael Hawkins makes Team USA,