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Re: What is Walker worth?

In a message dated 98-07-13 18:04:52 EDT, CeltsSteve@aol.com writes:

 <<The one big negative with a long contract to Williams is that, he is 30
 years old now, a 7 year contract will have him pulling close to   21-23 mill
 dollar at the age of 37, a 5 year contract will.have him pulling   19-21 mill
 at the age of 35.>>
 If Williams is now 30 years old, the C's (or any other team) could not give
 him a 7-year contract. 
--- This raises two questions in my mind.  First, how do you come up with the
figures for salary each year in the above scenario (Steve, I know it isn't
your language.)  If someone signs the mythical $100,000,000 contract, is it
somehow predetermined how that money is spread out over the life of the
contract, or is that up to player and team?
   Second (and I think I know the answer) are you referring to a bar against
contracts extending past age 35 or 36?  I think there is such a limit so that
teams can't avoid the cap by signing someone to a contract for, for example, a
mil a year for 20 years.  I'd appreciate any clarification on either point.
Maybe by the time next season rolls around, we'll all be capologists
extrarodinaire.  Thanks!