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> 	In this interview Walker said that if the Celtics don't resign him
> this offseason and let him become a free agent, then he will DEFINITELY
> sign somewhere else because the Celtics will have shown no loyalty to him.
> 	Now I'm pretty sure Falk put him up to this as a negotiating
> tactic, but it still reeks of the type of me-first selfishness that will
> prevent Walker from ever winning a championsip.

Believe it or not, Michael Jordan was loaded with a me-first attitude, 

  Falk knows that next year
> Walker's leverage will go way down when hardly anyone has the cap room or
> financial resources to offer Walker $100M+.

Yeah, it appears when you hire an agent, part of the contract is that you
turn off your brain.

> 	But for Walker to actually come out and say that just shows you
> how much of a spoiled brat he is.  This situation is similar to when the
> little kid says to his parent, "I'm holding my breath until you buy me
> some ice cream!!!"  In this case, Pitino should just let Walker suffocate.
> Hoping ex-Celtic Michael Hawkins makes Team USA,
> Jeremy