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Pete's Hands

Jim and Scott were discussing Pete's hand injuries:

Jim: " He must have really sliced that thing up pretty good."
Scott: "You can see Pete looking at his bleeding finger, again during the
"Sparks" scene, during one of the stage-left (OX) camera shots which how
Keith & Pete.  He strums a chord, holds his hand up, looks at his finger, &
inspects the damage."
Jim:  "How did he manage to play night after night with that kind of damage
to his fingers?  They must have been sore and swollen."
Scott:  "The worst pain comes after the show.  When you wash your hands.
That & the next day when any bruising & swelling may occur. But poor Pete.
He was probably opening up the same hand wounds night  after night."

I have to mention the HOB show the first night with this sort of thread.

Anyone who has the video boot, should watch the end of My Generation.

I don't think it *ever* ended like that at any show - ever. Pete went to
continue the song, and as he positioned his left hand on the
fretboard...stopped, shook his head no, and took off the guitar.  That was
the end of the show.

I saw him for a minute shortly afterward......He looked miserable.  So
miserable that instead of my usual HI! HOW YA DOIN HONEY!!?!?! I just was
able to mumble "are you ok?"  He was sitting with his hands palms up on his
lap.  He said "My hands hurt".  I thought my heart would break.