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Re: Summer Tour - New Album - I've got all the answers.

> Is it me, or does it sound like it's being recorded piece by piece?

Yeah, it seems like they're tackling it in steps.  Seems like.  We don't 
really know what's happening behind the scenes.

> Didn't Pete write that he had 5 more songs (other than RGLB and 
> ORW) that he had already done backing tracks, and just needed to 
> get Roger's vocals on?
> Is this possible?
> Or, are we just talking demo's here, and the final recording for the 
> album will have to be done with all present?

I doubt they'd waste a Daltrey vocal performance on a demo.  Pete
usually supplies the vocals on his demos.  That would be Roger's
guide as to how to sing the song.

What's interesting, & what also supports this piece-by-piece recording
theory, is that, with today's technology, whole groups don't have to 
be in the same room, at the same time, anymore to record songs.

Pete could lay down guitar tracks with Zak on drums.  That tape could
be sent to a studio closer to Pino, where he could pop in & lay down
a bass track.  The tape could then go to, say, Daltrey for vocals, or
Simon for additional guitar.  Then, finally, the tape gets sent to another
studio & Rabbit shows up to add some keyboards.

After a final OK, the song then gets mixed & mastered, perhaps with
only Pete present.

This could be how they're approaching this new album.  Rather than
booking 2 or 3 months of studio time & getting everyone together at 
the same time at the same place.

In the modern approach, the tapes just get shifted from studio to studio,
& the individual musicians come to *it.* 

> How many tracks do we presume will make a CD..these days?

10 - 12, maybe?

> This is all leading up to something big, I can feel it!
> I'm feeling it.  Are you feeling it??   ;-)

That's it!  Feel it!  Embrace it!

> I'm of the opinion, that if you're going to do it.....go big.  Make it a 
> friggin' 2CD concept album and let the shit land where it will.

Two CDs?!  You'll get *one* & like it, pal!

> > You'll have to come to the next Mansfield, MA Who show to
> > collect.
> I believe Scott has already committed himself to that.
> Right, Scott?

What?  ;-)  Jesus, a tour hasn't even been announced & you guys are
making plans.  OK, sure.  I'll try to plan for a Mansfield show.  Even
though, right now, a Mansfield show doesn't exist.  Happy?   

> You'll meet me there, too.
> Ooooo, be afraid, be very afraid.
> I'm one scaaaary dude.

You're tall, that's about it.  Scary?  Yeah, right.  If scary is leading a 
bar full of inebriated Who fans in loud "Who chants" is scary, then 
you're scary.

If scary is walking around with a big grin on your face, chatting to
Who fans at preshow parties, then you're scary.

The closest you got to scary was that time I was sleeping on Jess's (?)
floor that one morning & you started fucking with me because you 
were all wide awake & all energized.  *That* scared me!

- SCHRADE in Akron

The Council For Secular Humanism