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Re: Creation Story

> You can read what Eddie Phillips thinks about it here:
> http://home.clara.net/digger/sixties/ep3.htm

Thanks again, Bruce.  For those who are curious, here's the pertinent
part of the interview:

Digger: What was your relationship with the other bands at the time? 
        Rumour has it that Pete Townshend tried to 'woo you into The 
        Who'! Can you tell us about that? 

Eddie: Well....... I don't know much about that, quite honestly! 
       (Digger laughs ) 

Digger: It's just one of these myths, is it?

Eddie: A myth or a legend! Something like that, I don't know. If it was 
       a reality, they kept it from me!

Digger: It was a strange idea, having two guitarists in The Who.....

Eddie: The weird thing was with Pete - we actually did a couple of gigs
       together and I don't suppose he realised but I did. How alike we 
       were in off-stage things. I remember at the time we were both into   
       slot car racing and things like that. That was a weird thing with 
       The Who as well, 'cos we were doing our feedback thing - almost a 
       pop art thing with The Mark Four really in '64/'65 and I can always

       remember a great friend of mine Bill Fowler, who said "Here, I've 
       heard about a band in west London called The High Numbers and 
       they're  doing an act like yours". And I thought "Oh shit!". I 
       really did think that we were the only ones kicking that stuff 
       around at the time. It turned out it was them and the rest is 


The reason I asked is because I had a friend ask *me* if the rumor was 
true.  Since then I've had some other people send me several "quotes" 
from Creation websites perpetuating the rumor.

The story never made sense to me because, let's face it, Pete Townshend is
an arrogant SOB.  Can you really see him running up to Eddie Phillips
after a Creation gig screaming, "Man, you're great!  You just gotta come
play in *my* band, The Who!"  No way.

Pete Townshend wasn't sucking up to *anybody* in the mid-'60s.

- SCHRADE in Akron

The Council For Secular Humanism