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Re: Face Dances

In a message dated 12/16/2003 10:17:25 AM Eastern Standard Time, 
sschrade@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:

Hi-hat releases = pop song?
Yes, It's that simple for me.

>I'm glad none of this was brought up when we hung
out in Detroit this past September.  I may not have bought you that
second beer.

I know.  I kept thinking.. "Man, Scott is cool and his band is cool, but I 
hate Kenney Jones.  I have to bite my tongue or the beers will stop....  Wait, 
is that Kenney with one E or two?  Well, he is pretty good on some songs.  I 
don't know if I like him or not ... hmm, I wonder how Jeff's girl, Lia, managed 
to keep her hair like that (looking as if she just stepped out of a European 
fashion mag) after climbing out of a crowded van, being on a mini tour and all. 
 Mmmm.  I wish that *I* was a rock star....  I think I'm gonna go learn to 
play the drums..."  

>Ah.....HA!!!!  Now we've reached the nitty-gritty!  Your misdirected anger
at Pete for his obviously lame songs has found a nice target in Mr.
Kenney Jones!  Heaven forbid *Pete* get criticized!  Must all be Jones'
fault!  You make me sick!  SICK!!

BOOdoo-doo  BOOdoo-doo   BOOdoo-doo  Boop!

>Ah.....HA!!!!  Boy oh boy.  Do you hear yourself?  Why won't you accept
the obvious.  You enjoy Kenney Jones *much* more than you dislike him!
It's so obvious to everyone but yourself!

See why I subscribe to this list?  Otherwise, I wouldn't even know who I am.

>There's nothing Star Searchy at *all* about
Kenney's drum sound.  I've *never* heard you criticize the drum sounds
on EMPTY GLASS!!  You make me sick!!!

Boo-doo BOOMP  boomp boomp boomp.

>You need *other* people to give meaning to Pete's songs?  Wow.  Sucks to
be you.

Oh, well I meant that I never knew the *words* to this song before, thus the 
meaning to them.  I never paid that much attention to this album when it came 
out and shelved it.  Those "electric" drums did me in. I couldn't bear it 
after Keith Moon's exit.  This album proved he ain't coming back.  That's what 
this album meant to me. By the way, did Kenney  Jones play drums on that disco 
song in 1979 called Ring My Bell?  "BOOOoooo!  BOOOoooo!!"  I see that he rang 
yours.  Sigh. I guess that  I'm just a "better" who fan than you.  *I* missed 
Keith.  ;-)

>> Now I can forget about those "Solid Gold" sounding drums and enjoy it.

>I hate you

Heh heh.  

>Let's progress as humans & leave all that super-
stitious nonsense behind, shall we?  

OK.  I'm not for superstition either. But what about our soul?  What is it?  
Why is it that our soul likes this music and the words mean so much to us?  
Why does it matter to us that others appreciate this band?  Why do we get 
uncomfortable with songs like HCYDIA?  There's something deeper.  Pete said he was 
pursuing the Truth.  I like that.

>> written during the time he was in the valley of his life up to that 
>> point.

>Funny you should say that because none of the songs on FD are really
*depressing* though, are they?  WBN is much more negative than FD.

Interesting.  WBN was before Keith's death.  From what I understand, Pete was 
facing his problems with drinking and worldwide success and was admitting 
that he had these problems. (duh) A very novel idea to do it on an album. He 
would stay in check for Keith's sake to some extent back then.  I think he was 
tired of The Who and saw no future for rock and there was no war to fight. He was 
far from his fans. (HI PETE!) Then came disco and punk. 

After Keith's death Pete hardened himself and got into a denial mode for a 
few years. Heroin showed up.  Drugs = denial. He should have/could have been 
dead many times and he knows it.  I think that Cache Cache, Somebody Saved Me and 
DLGTC are a few times on this album that he was not in denial about the 
things going on around him and within him.  Other than that they had a contract, 
The Eagles' producer and an album to churn out.  

Jon in Mi.