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Re: A "boy" thing.

Wow...I have been away for a while, maybe I should have stayed away.

Jo...thank you for defending me, I can see it takes a women to understand :)

Mr. Kevin...let me try to briefly explain the situation with my son. He was 
being bullied and picked on by this boy for a long time, tripped on the bus, 
called names, etc. When we brought it to the drivers attention, she said it was 
a school matter. When we took it to the school, they said it was a bus driver 
matter. Much more happened, too much to bore you with. The result was my son 
wanting to take up for himself. We don't tolerate fighting, but in this case it 
was just. 

By the way, ever since that, he has not had one problem with this kid. In 
fact they get together to play football together now and all is peaceful.

Now my final point is...Kevin jumped down my throat right away...Jo used 
reasoning and backed up from it for a minute....I guess IT'S A BOY THING!!!!!!