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Re: Face Dances

> Now that I know how this goes, I'll chip in my thoughts.

You didn't get Kevin's instruction manual?  He mailed 'em Friday.

> I laid in my bed listening to the single YBYB 

You could've made some book of records.

> But...to my disappointment there were no powerchords. Seemingly no 
> guitar. 

Almost like Pete was being the anti-Pete.....on purpose.  Destroying his
myth.  Like Jim Morrison did by getting fat & growing the beard.  What
drove Pete to attempt to reverse his image?  Moon's death?  Rock & Roll
hypocrisy?  Roger?  Children?  Drugs?  Booze?  Depression?  And why was
he so adamant about angrily shoving his "new image" down our throats?
"This is what you're gonna eat today!"

> And those drums.  Those "different" drums with an upbeat tempo with 
> high hat opening and closing that sounded like a pop song.

Hi-hat releases = pop song?  Sucks to be you, then.

> Then at the end those electric sounding drums going "boo-doo boomp 
> boomp boom" made me hate him. I hated how his toms sounded. 

Oh....my....god.  Heaven forbid a drummer uses tom-toms under 12 inches 
in diameter.  Electric sounding?  An 8-inch tom & a 10-inch tom somehow
invokes Kraftwerk to you?  Moon used 10-inch toms in the '70s, you hyp-
ocrite?!  ;-)  How dare you!

> I hate that rat-a-tat-tat white boy drummer snare sound like he is 
> hurrying and *trying* to keep up.  (even  though he wasn't behind)

Oh....my....god.  You are truly incomprehensible, my friend.  Jones 
offers nothing but uniqueness via his snare riffs.  And his snare "riff-
to-cymbal-punch" ratio is extraordinary!  You make me sick!  How dare

> The drums sound like a drum kit from a television variety show. 

You're out of your mind.  A well-recorded drum set becomes a television
"variety show" kit?  I'm glad none of this was brought up when we hung
out in Detroit this past September.  I may not have bought you that
second beer.  I am....so....offended.  Poor Jones.  Poor Kenney.  So mis-
understood.  It pains me so.

> On some songs he sounded good, so hear goes...

Oh.....  Now he sounds *good* on some songs.  Oh.....  I see.

> DON'T LET GO THE COAT: I don't like Roger's voice much on this song.  

I can understand that.  I didn't, either, for quite some time.  It grew 
on me.

> When I learned what the lyrics meant, I was very happy.

Pete's lyrics can be interpreted in a multiple of ways. 

> CACHE CACHE: The drums at the beginning make my case against Kenny.

But the songs where you *like* Kenney destroy your case against him!  

> THE QUIET ONE: Finally a rock song. I love it.  Even Kenny sounds good 
> on this one.  

Oh.....  I see.  One minute he sounds good, the next he sounds bad.
Sounds like it's *you* who has the problem - not Kenney.  (Poor Kenney.)  

> Maybe it is the material that made him get a bad rap, 

Ah.....HA!!!!  Now we've reached the nitty-gritty!  Your misdirected anger
at Pete for his obviously lame songs has found a nice target in Mr.
Kenney Jones!  Heaven forbid *Pete* get criticized!  Must all be Jones'
fault!  You make me sick!  SICK!!


> but his drums sounded like rock drums on this song.  

And yet I still hear those 8-inch & 10-inch toms.  Hmmm.....  Interesting.

> John will be missed.

Every day.

> Pete did what I bought the album to hear.

The big tease.

> DID YOU STEAL MY MONEY: The only thing I like about this song is the 
> drums.

Ah.....HA!!!!  For someone who complains so much about Kenney & "missing
Moon," you sure are full of compliments for Mr. Jones!  I think it's
time for you to rethink your feelings on Kenney.


Yalp.  Ugh.  How did this song make it on the album?  Really?  How?  The
lyrics make me squirm uncomfortably.  And that final stanza....  The 
thought of Pete getting denied some action by his girl in the shower &
then him "scratching" his "jeans" alone, controlled by some primal lust....
It's just too much for me to bear.

> DAILY RECORDS: Kenny does a John Bonham!  

Ah.....HA!!!!  Boy oh boy.  Do you hear yourself?  Why won't you accept
the obvious.  You enjoy Kenney Jones *much* more than you dislike him!
It's so obvious to everyone but yourself!

> Then those damn spacey sounding toms. Well, it was 1981.  But "Star 
> Search" wasn't for another 4 years!  

Please stop.  Just stop.  There's nothing Star Searchy at *all* about
Kenney's drum sound.  I've *never* heard you criticize the drum sounds
on EMPTY GLASS!!  You make me sick!!!

> YOU: The line "You lead me on like a lamb to the slaughter and then 
> you act like a fish out of water" made me feel dumb to sing along with 
> even when I was 17.

Exactly.  Well said.

> ANOTHER TRICKY DAY: I never actually knew what it was about until Keets 
> posted some of the lyrics after John's death.  

You need *other* people to give meaning to Pete's songs?  Wow.  Sucks to
be you.

> Now I can forget about those "Solid Gold" sounding drums and enjoy it.

I hate you.

> Why is it that only Pete sounds like that when he plays a chord?  Does 
> he have his own special chords?

No, but Pete has his own completely unique *style* & *feel* & *expression.*
(That's a close as I'll ever get to acknowledging something "intangible"
or "unscientific!"  Enjoy!)

> I LIKE NIGHTMARES: Did Roger tell Kenney to try and sound like Keith?  



> IT'S IN YOU: I don't like that powerchord statement though!  I hope that 
> Pete repented.  I know it's in me, but he made me jump!

Interesting point.  I was thinking the same thing.  At first I was like,
"What's your point, Pete?  The girl is saying she *needs* you to play
power chords in order for her to get off.  But you're saying she can do
that on her own.  She can get *herself* off.  But, no, she can't.  She
*told* you she needs *you* to channel that *for* her!  Why are you denying

Then I realized Pete was right all along.  It *is* in us.  What did we
do during all those years Pete was silent?  What did we do during all 
those years when Pete said "Fuck it?"  What did we do all those years when
Pete was the anti-Pete?  Did we lose all that power?  Were we drained of 
all that Who energy?  Were we empty?

No!  Of course not.  We played the music.  We tapped on our dashboards.
We strummed our air guitars.  We never let go the coat.  We couldn't.  It's
forever on us.  Pete's forever in us.  He is right.

> SOMEBODY SAVED ME: Pete knows that there are two scenes in this uni-
> verse. The visible, superficial, obvious, physical one; and the invis-
> ible, deep, real, meaningful one that requires one be open to see.  

That's complete rubbish.  Let's progress as humans & leave all that super-
stitious nonsense behind, shall we?  

> written during the time he was in the valley of his life up to that 
> point.

Funny you should say that because none of the songs on FD are really
*depressing* though, are they?  WBN is much more negative than FD.

Hmmm....  Something to ponder.

- SCHRADE in Akron

The Council For Secular Humanism

There is no reason for believing that any sort of gods exist and quite 
good reason for believing that they do not exist and never have. It has 
all been a gigantic waste of time and a waste of life. It would be a joke 
of cosmic proportions if it weren't so tragic. 
 - Richard Dawkins