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Re: odd question

> Is the title of The Who's 1975 album "The Who By Numbers" or "By 
> Numbers"? 

I believe the official title is THE WHO BY NUMBERS.  (By The Who.) ;-)

> I guess this also is relevent for "The Who Sell Out"/"Sell Out". 

Again, I believe the title is THE WHO SELL OUT.

The confusion lies in their usage of the band name *in* the titles.  
For example, we don't say THE WHO'S NEXT or THE WHO'S MISSING or THE 

But THE WHO SELL OUT & THE WHO BY NUMBERS is printed *on* the album 
covers in exactly that manner.

It's not THE WHO - Sell out.  Or THE WHO: By Numbers.  In both these 
cases the titles include the phrase "THE WHO," IMO.

Good question.

- SCHRADE in Akron

The Council For Secular Humanism