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re: WHO film clip

>Marty writes:
>Does anyone remember a TV ad from around 1989-1990 which used "I Can See For 
>Miles" as the music? I remember such a commercial, however I don't remember 
>the specific ad or product. 

It was for Jiffy Lube, and it was a sickeningly lite rendition of ICSFM, with
the words "I can drive for miles" substituted.  I've never had much problem
with an artist selling their work for commercials, as long as the work remains
intact (e.g. the Beatles' "Revolution" for Nike or Clapton's "After Midnight"
for Michelob or the more recent series of Miller ads with great 70's songs).
But when the songs get hacked and twisted like ICSFM did, it really bugs me.


PS: Any news about the actual release date of the Leeds set?  I've been
bugging my local CD stores and they're all playing dumb.