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The Who in ads...

In message <9500197905.AA790545260@uism.BU.EDU>  writes:

> >  Also, does anyone recall which song Pete did for the Michelob beer 
> >ads back in the mid-80s?  Did he do one at all or am I just nuts?

"Love Reign Over Me" was in a 7-UP ad, (the same series of ad had one that 
featured Clapton's "Let It Rain"). And "Magic Bus" was in beer ads promoting the
'89 tour, with a tour bus pulling up and a hand setting the remnants of a 
smashed guitar outside the bus.(It was Budweiser, right?).

> Of course, one cannot forget the print ads with RHD for Bulova...

And RD's American Express card ad, with him on his farm.