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Who Books

I just wandered into a local record shop to pass the time of day and was pleased 
to discover a pile of old music newspapers such as NME etc for sale.  I picked 
out a dozen or so with Who articles mentioned on the cover and will pass the 
details  of these on to Wes shortly for inclusion in the Web site.

Much to my surprise they also had two second-hand paperbacks which I had never 
seen before and, needless to say, I snapped them up.  They are:

"The Who... Through the Eyes of Pete Townshend" by Connor McKnight and Caroline 
Silver.  1974 Scholastic Book Services

"The Who" by George Tremlett.  1975 Futura

I don't know if these are any good (would anyone who has read them care to 
comment?) but they both looked interesting and had pictures which I've never 
seen before so I thought it would be worth the risk.

In  case anyone is interested they also had the following paperbacks (second-
hand but in pretty good condition) at $5Aust each:

Whose Who? - A Who Retrospective    Brian Ashley and Steve Monnery
Keith Moon - The Life and Death of a Rock Legend    Ivan Waterman
The Who - Britain's Greatest Rock Group John Swenson

And for $10Aust a hardback copy (in mint condition) of:
Horse's Neck    Pete Townshend

I would be happy to pick any of these up for anyone who may be interested.