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re: WHO film clip

RE: David Fiore's request for info on WHO film clip:

Yes, you're correct if you said that the radio station in question was WPLJ - 
95.5 FM, "New York's Best Rock", as it was called back then. Now, it's a Top 
40 station, playing the same hit list over and over again. Boy, I can remember
when......The film footage for the WPLJ TV ad is, as Chuck correctly stated, 
the "Won't Get Fooled Again" finale from the "Kids" movie. If my memory serves
me correctly, the smash-up at the end of WGFA was shown, as was the smash-up 
at the end of "My Generation" from Monterey Pop 1967. These two clips were 
used for the TV ads because it was 1979 at the time, the year when "Kids" was 
released, and it was the first time that footage of Pete's auto-destruct 
routine was released (in any form) to the general public. Also, the film was 
color-enhanced, with the colors moving around, creating a swirling, 
psychedelic kind of effect.

Does anyone remember a TV ad from around 1989-1990 which used "I Can See For 
Miles" as the music? I remember such a commercial, however I don't remember 
the specific ad or product. 

Marty Secero