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Re[2]: Ryan Lee's post

     I didn't say he was a criminal.  I distinctly said he didn't commit 
     illegal activities like Spree and Iverson.  What I did say is that he 
     is in it for the money and that he is a showboat.  Prejudging is if I 
     said all this stuff before the Pitino campaign began.  My quarrel with 
     Antoine is not what he does off the court but what he does on it.  And 
     after 82 games of watching him wiggle, complain to refs, and throw up 
     ill advised shots,  I have more than enough information to make a 
     judgement.  So please Joe, read a post more carefully before you make 
     your judgement.

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Subject: re:Ryan Lee's post
Author:  Joe Hironaka <j.hironaka@unesco.org> at Internet
Date:    7/20/98 6:42 PM

Ryan Lee <Ryan.Lee@parexel.com> wrote:
"but he is an arrogant headcase and don't let that blind fool Mishra 
tell you different (he'd defend Walker even if he happened to pull a 
double homicide like another sports celeb we all know)."
This is the kind of innuendo that irritates me, even if it was an 
innocent jest. I think all of the 'Toine defenders on this list would be 
happy to eat our words and criticize Antoine Walker the day he ACTUALLY 
does something bad or illegal. But until that day comes, I think we are 
in the right to say it is reckless and unfair to prejudge him.
Antoine Walker reportedly doesn't drink, he doesn't jump into mosh pits, 
yet there is an undeniable difference in the tone of the Globe's 
week-end 'Toine-Bash-Jamboree, compared to how they covered another 
massively turnover-prone young superstar (Drew Bledsoe) who has yet to 
do anything in a big game, signed for bales of dough after one measly 
Pro Bowl appearance, and has had far worse public disagreements with his 
(former) head coach.
Oh boy, now I'm Mr American-Race-Relations big shot!  Ryan, please 
excuse the pedantic tone of this post. Let's just be fair and watch what 
we say though..
Joe Hironaka
N.B. I'm finally on the regular list instead of the digest version, 
whether you all like it or not!  Pretty neat.