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Ryan tears Antoine a new one.

You guys are right: by whipping themselves into a froth, the Boston media seem to be trying to turn public sentiment against Walker. And you know what? That is EXACTLY what happened in Orlando with O'Neal. The week before he left town, the Orlando paper ran a reader survey that showed an overwhelming number of fans felt the team shouldn't try to match LA's offer. Shaq saw that and said, "I'm outta here." And who wouldn't? Who would stay when they felt that unappreciated? I'll bet all those Orlando fans (and media) don't feel so smart now. 
(Yes, yes, I know, there were other factors in O'Neal's decision, eg the chance to be Hollywood Shaq. But I think all of us tend to forget: pro athletes have feelings too. When the atmosphere becomes poisoned, they head for a breath of fresh air.)