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Re[2]: Ryan Lee's post

     Joe, what the hell are you talking about?  What does my disliking 
     Walker have to do with the Dalai Lama?  As far as him winning the MVP 
     next year, that's a ludicrous thought even if you are trying to make a 
     point.  If Walker continues his usual escapades and keeps thinking he 
     is some veteran All-Star who doesn't need to work out with the team, 
     he will never win the MVP, period.  If he ever wins the MVP it'll be 
     because he matured physically AND mentally.
UNFAIR to mention Walker with Jordan, Spree, or Iverson (I never even mentioned 
Drew Bledsoe, who is a choke artist in pressure situations, but I won't get into
that because this is a Celtics thread)?  All four are the best players on their 
teams and because of their status and contracts they have a responsibility to 
carry themselves in a manner that provides their team with some leadership and 
direction.  It's totally FAIR to compare them in the same breath.  As far as 
their celebrating styles, Walker's is the only one I've seen that allows his man
to run down the floor for an open layup.  His wiggle is like Mutombo's finger 
wave, excessive and absolutely unnecessary.  In terms of media, I could care 
less if he bad mouthed all of Boston, as long as he does what he's paid to do.
Also why are you bringing in race?  When Reggie Lewis was captain, nobody had a 
problem with him.  He was young, he could play, and he was a great captain.  As 
far as comparing Walker to a young Bird, you have the audacity to call me 
UNFAIR?!?  You have huge cojones to even jest about that.  Bird won rookie of 
the year and turned a fallen franchise into a 62 win champioship team his rookie
year.  Bird's age and his skin color had nothing to do with that, it's called 
maturity and talent.  Did you say something controversial?  Controversial is an 
understatement so I DO think so.


Yeah, but Ryan, until Walker finally loses his wiggle, guys like you 
would probably secretly hate him even if he wins the MVP next year AND 
gets selected in a surprise, secret ballot to be the next Dalai Lama. 
Contrary to belief, Antoine Walker is not my favorite Celtic (not even 
my 3rd favorite player). I can't really relate to his wiggle either.
But in terms of character and actual deeds, all I'm saying is that it is 
UNFAIR to mention Antoine in the same breath even with Michael Jordan or 
Drew Bledsoe (much less Spree or Iverson), based at least in part (IMHO) 
because the kid has a different style of celebrating than Jordan/Bledsoe 
and he isn't as innately skilled at spinning and B.S.-ing the local 
media. If Antoine Walker were "free, white and 21", he might get away 
with his youthful idiosyncrasies/arrogance in Boston just as Larry Bird 
did. Am I saying something so controversial?
I don't think so.