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Re: Noah's victory

>Apparently victory has been declared.  As I stated in a much earlier post,
>"A legend in >his own mind" .  If victory in some trivial way is what he
>wants then so be.  I never >started this discussion for some empty,
>basement wall pounding victory, I did to get >Noah to SHUT THE HELL UP.
>Of course as was quickly pointed out, his 1st >amendment rights easily out
>weighed the interest of dozens to have him shut up.

I have a better idea: why don't the two of you shut the hell up? The only
reason you both insist on posting this rubbish to the whole list (and Greg,
I believe it was you that posted a private email to the whole list) is for
the purpose of scoring points off each other. It may be fun and exciting
for the two of you, but I daresay that most of us here find it all trivial,
childish, boring, and (to use someone else's phrase) "a waste of

>Some silent minority kind of deal I guess.  As has also has been clarified
>though he >has a dictionary (though he has misspelled homonym numerous
>times)  to claim >slander is foolish, libel is childish.  But he is the
>delicate genius, so what can you do.

Actually, "homonym" and "hominem" are different words. The latter is Latin.

>I apologize for posting this to you all, but it would be too difficult to
>copy the dozens >of the "Noah way Jose/Mr. Re: King" fan club members.
>(who's the leader of the >club).

If you were really sorry, you'd simply choose NOT to post it to the whole
list, no matter how tempted you are.

Now, I don't want to be accused of taking sides - both of you are making
this list a real drag. Who cares if most of Noah's posts are replies to
other posts? As far as I know, there are no minimum stylistic requirements
on this list - people contribute ideas in whatever fashion they want. The
only thing that bothers me are incessant and boring items unrelated to
basketball, and this mudslinging makes the two of you equally guilty on tht
count. Really, Greg, how can you take Noah to task for the quality of his
posts when (lately) you've been providing at least as much drivel? Your
posts earlier in the year suggest that you are capable of far more than
that. At least none of Noah's posts are offensive, like some of the stuff
we had to deal with a few months ago from our friends out in La-La land.
And Noah, you were sucked in by responding to Greg's criticism in the first

O! I yearn for the heady days when the Celtics were playing basketball and
we had posts from Bill C. to look forward to each day. Bill, Bill, why have
you foresaken us?

Hoping that you two can sort this out privately,