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Re: Walker Globe Article

There is no respect in war.  However, when they finally sit down at the
peace table, there must be respect and apologies by both parties
(Celtic's organization and Antoine).  Remember, sometimes you have to
have a war in order to get peace.  

I repeat again, both sides are playing a chess match to gain as much
ground as possible.  Free agency is a nasty word around the league with
owners and players.  The players believe they are not paid enough and the
owners think the players are paid too much. 

 The only solution is for both parties to compromise and therefore reach
an agreement. Remember, it is a chess match.  Furthermore, just like you,
Antoine is off for the summer.

>Agreed. Has Walker shown the Celtics any respect or loyalty? For 
>by showing up for summer sessions? Or anything else? So far it looks 
>respect and loyalty are things that Walker wants given him but that he 
>unwilling to give to the Celtics.
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