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Re: Worship Antoine Walker or Die!

In a message dated 98-07-18 16:01:35 EDT, you write:

<< Worship Antoine Walker or you will suffer the consequences. As the
 end of the world approaches, all will die unless they worship
 Antoine Walker who will save us all from damnation. Watch only
 celtics games and remember to donate your kind contributions to
 Roger Williams, the Prophet of Antoine Walker. Antoine needs this
 money in order to save the world. Because the Celtics are refusing
 to give Antoine 200 million, Antoine must find other means to make
 money. Little does Celtic management realize, that by not paying
 Antoine, they are doomed to die as the world is turned into a
 smoking cinder. Only those who worship Antoine Walker will be saved
 as you will be transported to a world where you get to watch the
 replay of Antoine Walker's career high of 50 points over and over
 all day. And you get to discuss it with other Walker Worshippers
 all night. Such paradise awaits you. Come, join the Church of
 Antoine Walker and donate your money to the Prophet Roger Williams.
 Worship Antoine Walker, anything else would be truly evil.
 Become one with Antoine Walker as your souls intertwine. It is better
 than sex. It is better than food. We await you in paradise. >>
Right there with ya, buddy. Blind loyalty can lead you right off a cliff.
Blind loyalty can cause people to abandon logic and believe a fairytale. You
saw with OJ, you see it in the Clinton mess and now people want people want to
be loved by their hero, Walker, so bad they are willing close their eyes and
suck down Walker's percieved slights. People, if Walker was just demanding 10
million a year, you know the Celtics would be beating his door down to sign
him. You know earlier in the year he was saying he deserves to get paid
Garnett type money. That is the conflict. Everything else is of no
consequence. To talk of perceived slights or anything else just spin to cover
to what's really going on....