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Re: Most Disturbing Thing About The Walker Article

>From: damekmo@teleport.com
>Date: Fri, 17 Jul 1998 18:24:56 -0800
>To: celtics@igtc.COM
>Subject: Re: Most Disturbing Thing About The Walker Article

>What's so upsetting about the following:
>''Pierce is a good player,'' Walker says. ''He's a guy who can come off 
>bench and give scoring to our second unit. But I know our team needs. 
>need big people.''
>Whoa. Pierce off the bench? How about Pierce starting? <P>
>''It could happen,'' Walker said. '' ... But I don't see it.''<P>
>That's bashing?

Of course it's bashing.  It's an arrogant statement by a guy who's led
the Celtics to two lottery appearances.  What has Walker proven
for him to denigrate a quality player like Pierce?   And don't even 
throw out that crap about Pierce being unproven, because you can make 
the same statement about every rookie entering the NBA.  But
certain players have "it", whatever "it" is; and Pierce possesses
"it."  Walter McCarty: ha ha ha.  A guy who can't shoot or guard anyone.  
Just another exhibition of Antoine's latent cluelessness.  

How long has Antoine known Walter? How many games has
>Pierce played in the NBA? Walker admitted Pierce was a good player. 
>enough that he "could" start as an NBA small forward. His opinion was 
>he didn't see him starting over his friend who he's played with for 
>I'm sorry, I just don't see a problem here. Pierce has proven zero, has
>given the team zero. He has to prove his worth at "the next level." 
>fair to me. I'll comment on the article more later, but right now what 
>most concerned with is Pitino's inability / refusal to talk to his 
>and best player - Theresa, I loved your comments - and the continuing
>question about the source of the $105 mil. figure. What I'd like to 
know is
>who gave this figure to the press? Have the Celtics contacted Falk or
>Walker concerning the contract? If Falk was the source of the figure, 
>have the Celtics responded, or have they responded at all. We've spent 
>lot of time calling Walker's salary "demands" outrageous, calling him
>selfish, when we really don't know what he and Falk want. One last 
>Concerning the non-mandatory camp. Walker said he would've gone if 
>told him his attendance would've gotten other players there. He also 
>he would've attended if the camp was for a team workout. Sounds pretty 
>oriented to me. Is Walker the player rep' for the Celtics? Anyway, it's
>just me, but I came away from the article more convinced that Pitino 
>doesn't want the kid on the team. Walker's the captain. Talk to him.
>Finally.....I'm going to be late....You wonder why the Celtics have 
been on
>a downward spiral for almost a decade now? Don't need a talented player
>like Walker do they? All that "Pride" will do the trick, right?
>Paul M

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