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RE: (no subject)

>There is an infinite chasm between disagreement and slander.

There is an infinite chasm between you and a sense of humor.
>>This guy can't be
>> serious about that, he can't be that thin skinned.
>You are correct. I sent that response(via private email) after someone else
>asked how he could be sanctioned. I thought Greg deserved sufficient warning
>so that the results of his actions would not be unexpected.

"the results of his actions"???  This is a mailing list. There is
discussion and disagreement. Show me where you've been "slandered" .
>>It sounds like  something someone would try to do in a communist country,
>>not America.
>I refer you to America's libel laws.

Refer yourself to 200 + years of Americans "defending to death your right
to say it " and stop taking yourself so seriously. Remember,"sticks and
stones will break my bones but names will never hurt me". If you can't take
a little criticism take your CBA and go home. There is nothing wrong with
being pompous,  annoying, or a know it all, just ask my wife about me. The
problem is when the heat comes for it you don't want to, as Bob Dylan might
say, "break just like a little girl". Take it easy. As Simon said to
Puumba, "lie down before you hurt yourself".

                                    (honestly) Peace!

                                                Michael A. DiZio