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On Jul 13, D Parker wrote:
> > 	In this interview Walker said that if the Celtics don't resign
> > 	him this offseason and let him become a free agent, then he
> > 	will DEFINITELY sign somewhere else because the Celtics will
> > 	have shown no loyalty to him.
> > 
> > 	Now I'm pretty sure Falk put him up to this as a negotiating
> > 	tactic, but it still reeks of the type of me-first selfishness
> > 	that will prevent Walker from ever winning a championsip.
> Believe it or not, Michael Jordan was loaded with a me-first
> attitude, 

Michael Jordan arguably has a me-first attitude on the court, but is
this true when it comes to financial compensation?  I don't know the
exact figures, but didn't Jordan receive much less than his market
value for most of his career (excluding the last few years) in order
to allow Chicago to sign the needed support players?