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I apologize in advance for those who are offended or put off by forwarding this , but I guess this is how Noah comes through with an actual original post or idea, when challenged to do so.  I would like to apologize directly to the apparent multiple people Mr. Evans notes in his calling me on the carpet post. Please let me know who you are.  For those more than a dozen people who have supported my efforts to keep the Re: posts from Noah to a dull roar, thanks.

I am curious if any of my posts to the list have been of the abusive nature.  As some know, abuse can be very blatant.  Sarcasm is more the word of the day.

In the immortal words of Elvis Costello:  "I use to be disgusted, now I try to be amused"

Have a great week everyone,

From:  Noah P. Evans[SMTP:ishbak@conknet.com]
Sent:  Monday, July 13, 1998 11:59 AM
To:  Gregory Odegaard
Subject:  ISP's TOS

You do know that being abusive is against your ISP's TOS(terms of service)?
While I will never have you kicked from your ISP, it's something you should
consider. Multiple people have sent me messages asking how they can get rid
of you.