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Re: To trade or not to trade?

Believe me I hope and pray Mercer continues to be the player we think he
can be. However, one season doesn't make a career. Those established
players of his calibre have proven their worth. Our team to date is young
and I especially like that, a few additions here and there and voila.

>From: Cecil Wright <nocw1@nsh.library.ns.ca>
>To: Dan Forant <dforant1@nycap.rr.com>
>Cc: celtics@igtc.COM, gmodegaa@longvred.rmc.com
>Subject: Re: To trade or not to trade?
>There may be plenty of players who equal Mercer's ability, but not many 
>of them are his age or only have one year under their belts as a pro.  
>Mercer has a chance to be one of those "special" players who can score 
>and defend.  I remember reading the criticisms of his defence a short 
>time ago and felt they were totally unfounded.  I also like his 
>toughness. (Remember when Popeye levelled him last year?)  As well, he's 
>ice from the line late in the game.