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Re: What is Walker worth?

On Sat, 11 Jul 1998 DJessen33@aol.com wrote:

> Per the Globe, Jayson Williams is looking for 11-13 million a year while
> Walker is looking for 17 million a year. They were both All-Stars last year.
> Is Walker 1.5 times better than Williams?
> DJessen33

As an all-around player, YES!  Is he worth 17 million/yr, probably not.  
But that is not justification enough to make any claim.  Jayson Williams 
is a rebounding animal while Toine is a rebounder and a scorer.  
Personally, I think Williams is a perfect fit for us, but I know Gaston 
will never pay both of them.  What a perfect piece to the puzzle he'd be 
though as has been stated before by others on the list.