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Re: Pitino or Walker

At 12:16 PM 7/8/98 -0800, damekmo@teleport.com wrote:
>Just curious, Pitino has proven what over his NBA coaching carreer? His
>playoff history as a coach? The Knicks had their doubts about his coaching
>ability / philosophy...yes?

Not really. He got caught in the middle of a power struggle, where he was
the fair haired guy of the wrong person.
> Everybody
>thrilled about Pitino's apparent obsession with getting Mashburn? Will the
>system make Mashburn a better player? Just curious?

It's amusing that media reports of Walker's demands constantly get countered
(see a couple examples in today's postings) with 'have you ever heard him
say it himself' while media reports of things like RP's 'apparent obsession
with getting Mashburn' are to be accepted at face value as signs of his
cluelessness or incompetence.

Kim Malo