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Re: To trade or not to trade?

There may be plenty of players who equal Mercer's ability, but not many 
of them are his age or only have one year under their belts as a pro.  
Mercer has a chance to be one of those "special" players who can score 
and defend.  I remember reading the criticisms of his defence a short 
time ago and felt they were totally unfounded.  I also like his 
toughness. (Remember when Popeye levelled him last year?)  As well, he's 
ice from the line late in the game.


On Fri, 10 Jul 1998, Dan Forant wrote:

> A slight over-reaction on my part not including Mercer in cast of
> untouchables. Mercer certainly has an excellent career ahead of him. I'll
> make my point this way. I would take Walker and a healthy (knees) Anderson
> before Mercer. There are many players in the league capable of Mercer's
> ability. Although I personally wouldn't trade him away, he has immense
> potential. I think as Celtic fans we may over-rate Mercer at his current
> level of achievement. The jury's still out on Mercer, we'll know more this
> season. Walker and Anderson are achievers beyond compare.
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> >I hate the idea of picking on a detail, but this one really gets me.  Are
> >you really implying that Mercer is/was over-rated?  I can't sleep tonight
> >without knowing if this is what you really meant is this item.  I for one
> >don't think it is the case. 
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> >Let us know, thanks,
> >Greg
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> >> From: Dan Forant <dforant1@nycap.rr.com>
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> >> Subject: To trade or not to trade?
> >> Date: Wednesday, July 08, 1998 5:05 PM
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> >> Take a look at the cast of characters.
> >> Everyone one the team to date is over-rated except Walker and Anderson. 
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