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Re: PS on Nellie

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>From: "Alejandro" <leonelq@quetzal.net>
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>Subject: Re: PS on Nellie
>Date: Thu, 2 Jul 1998 13:19:19 -0500
>> From: Jim Meninno <jim_meninno@hotmail.com>
>> Maybe so, maybe not.  Pierce is close to Mercer in style, but I think 
>> was better to pick the best player available than to try to fill a 
>> with an inferior one (Mohammed).  
>I agree, it was a lot better to draft Paul Pierce over Nazr Mohammed, 
>was it? maybe if the Celts drefted Nazr, Walker would consider more
>seriously staying in Boston for a little less money, (Becase AW and
>Mohammed are best friends right?), sure Pitino would be loosing a 
>player (Pierce), but maybe would be convincing Walker to settle for 

I'm 100% pro Walker.  I like his attitude.  Despite what a lot of people 
think, I think he cares very much about winning.  I think he's worth a 
lot of money, but not nearly what he's asking.  But (there's always a 
"but", isn't there!) if we have to draft his friends to keep him happy, 
we're better off without him. I'm sure he was "disappointed", and I'm 
also sure he'll get over it.

I wonder if their friendship would have kept Pitino from drafting 
Mohammed.  Pierce's availability makes the point moot, but would he want 
Walker's best friend on the team?  Remember, at the time Mercer was 
drafted he was rumored not to get along with Walker.  



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