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Geez, what a rushl, the France-Italia match!  This whole city just
suddenly exploded with sound! I always thought Parisians felt too cool
to make a big deal about a sporting event.

Oh, sorry folks, I guess I'm way off topic for the Boston Celtics List
of the past few days, so how about...

Down with kapitalism! Let us send oppressed komrades Ewing and Jordan to
the Cuban Baseball League to experience the utopia of labor kontrol of
the means of production!  (I'll bet those two particular guys would come
doggie-paddling back to our shores so fast that U.S. Coast Guard
speedboats wouldn't be able to keep up with them.)

Is that opinion more apropos for the list?

Have a good Fourth everyone,


p.s. Hey Noah, sorry to gang up...  (but you've gotta admit Marx-Engels
would roll over in their graves to hear how their "alternatives to
capitalism", as you put it, are being applied to defend the NBA's