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Dream Teams

Hey all,

Some 'dream' teams that fit within the salary cap. The first with some
Celtic players on them

Team 1 - the young up and comers

  C: Duncan            Olowokandi
PF: Van Horn         Ratliff
SF: Walker             Finley
SG: Mercer             Allen
PG: Stoudamire      Marbury

Team 2 - the contending team

  C:  Sabonis    Williams        Austin
PF: Malone      Barkley
SF: Pippen        Outlaw
SG: Richmond   Christie      Anderson
PG: Brandon    Van Exel

Anyone that can come up with some good teams that dont breach the salary
cap, would be interested....

I'll simulate a season with each team in NBA Live 98 and see whose team
does the best :D