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Re: re:just talk about basketball!?

As Joe and Kenneth so nicely put it and as my posts have, I say this with
100% sincerity please for all those CBA freaks out there please go to
direct posts or set up or your own list.  I am mostly with Joe and will
skip these messages, good idea, for hope that we can find the actual bb
talk in this whole matter.

In one more week I will go from interested to completely not giving a damn,
unless of course this was your intention.  Then I probably won't read
anything some of you have to say, on subjects good or bad.  I mean now we
got Dan Forant going off on basic economics, after his playoff ranting,
this not something any of us want.  Oh the humanity of it all.

As Paul M would put it, I am now going to have some decaf, look forward to
some great holiday fun and hope for killer Semis in the World Cup.

Sorry to offend,

> From: Joe Hironaka <j.hironaka@unesco.org>
> To: celtics <celtics@igtc.COM>
> Subject: re:just talk about basketball!?
> Date: Thursday, July 02, 1998 9:52 AM
> Hi:
>     If you all won't mind my saying so, I wish we can negotiate a
> moratorium on the fruitless and dullish "owners' fault/players' fault"
> debate on this list. For the first time in a long time, I'm skipping
> over rather than reading a lot of posts on the Boston Celtics' mailing
> list.  While I'd agree that the owner's lockout is a topical issue, I'd
> prefer if we stuck only to constructive ideas (including the several
> good ones already out there on our list) re: the CBA and ways to break
> the impasse.
>     Or better still, we can just talk about basketball!?
> ****
>     Yesterday at CNN/SI,  Jackie MacMullin reported the following quote
> concerning Paul Pierce:
> "That talk about Pierce is baloney," says Golden State general manager
> Garry St. Jean. "He had a great workout with us. He might have more
> ability to score than any other rookie because he can drift and shoot,
> can come off the screen, can break you down off the dribble and can go
> down to the box and score."
>     According to this article, Denver GM Dan Issel had said before the
> draft that Paul Pierce "might be a little soft."
> ****
>     The Providence Journal site today reported the following BosCelts
> financial info, according to documents filed with the Securities and
> Exchange Commission.
>     "For the nine months ended March 31 (the latest for which figures
> are available), the Celtics rang up a net profit of about $14.42
> million.Revenues for the nine months through March 31 jumped about 20
> percent, to about $65 million. The Celtics front office attributed the
> improved performance partly to a 20 percent increase in revenue from
> ticket sales, and a 24 percent increase in television and radio
> revenues."
>     The article also reports that Rick Pitino will continue to earn
> $18,500 per day and that Paul Gaston paid himself 1 million in salary
> last year as the chief executive officer.
>      (I personally don't know enough to judge how valid or meaningful
> such numbers are. BTW, an econ prof at Harvard once joked during his
> lecture that "an economist is someone who lacked the personality to
> become an accountant".  I wouldn't be surprised if he stole this
> self-deprecating line from somewhere else, but I thought it was pretty
> funny. )
> ****