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Re: "How will the labor peace be achieved?"

I don't know much about antitrust law.  But it has not been the most popular
of fields.  I can't think of a much bigger illegal trust than Microsoft, but
the government doesn't seem to be able to do much about it.  Or won't do
much about it.  So, why is anyone going to do anything about basketball.
The good thing about baseball is that it has an exemption to the antitrust
laws.  Basketball doesn't, so I assume that it would have a problem if the
league decertifies.  I would suspect that some form of order must exist.
But maybe not.  Just turn the owners loose and let them spend what they will
with whomever.  Of course you eventually would end up with about six or
eight teams.  Kinda like the olde days.

Noah P. Evans wrote:

> >       If you decertify, though, you're putting a lot of faith in the
> > willingness of the federal judiciary to actually enforce anti-trust.
> > Most judges, are, in fact, convinced that anti-trust law is a loony
> > manifestation of 19nth century populism, and would prefer to ignore it
> > completely.
> Bill could you expand upon this? Or maybe Bentz?
> Noah


Bentz Kirby