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Re: 17 Posts in 3 days!!!

It certainly is.  As a few have noted, let us not put down the rights of

All I will say, considering how long this CBA argument is going to drag out
and how some like Noah want to argue the true minutea (sp) of details is
there any possibility of setting up a separate list for this discussion
alone.  I for one care of course, but  I don't want to read all the legal,
moral, logical, pratical and so on arguments that we have been blessed with
in only about 1 week.  

I will admit now assuming Noah is a communist or socialist from his
pontificating, is about the funniest damn thing I have read in many weeks. 
I will look forward to reading how he will explain this away as some point
later today.  

The owners and players both make too much and a simple grudge match in a
domed stadium might be the choice.  With Malone and Rodman at least we
would know who would win.

Lastly I ask that the specifics of so many arguments be put into direct
posts for a more intimate give and take, not to bore us all, or consolidate
all your arguments in something less than 8 posts in one sitting.

Free speach yes, but not at the cost of all logic and reason.  It is going
to be a long summer, thank God for Football and family,

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> >> Am I the only one bothered by the Noah P. Evan online/e-mail internet
> >talk
> >> show?
> I thought it was a free country.
> Ken
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