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Re: 17 Posts in 3 days!!!

This certainly is a discussion group, but in 3 1/2 days worth of posts out
of 125 odd total posts you my son have 25 or 1/5.  No one else has 10 if I
am counting right.  
Too much free time on my hands, could be, but at least try to consolidate
your numerous one comment punch lines to a single post.  In many of your
posts you either question one point or 8, 10 or more.  What a bore.  Lastly
I assume few of us care about every nitpicking detail you call a poster out
on in some attempt to be a palimentary procedure policeman.  Just once I
would like to see you have an original idea, not just responding to details
you disagree with.  In all 25 posts you haven't been original once. 
Curious, no?  "Noah The Re: King"

Once again you have a right to post, just consolidate or keep it to a dull
roar.  One might think I would be taken to task for being so critical, but
Noah you are the first, with 8 folks posting me direct that they wish you
would lay off the pulp fiction novels.

Now in the spirit of the Independence Day weekend, and your inaliable right
to freedom of speech, have a great holiday,

> From: Noah P. Evans <ishbak@conknet.com>
> To: Greg Odegaard <gmodegaa@longvred.rmc.com>; celtics@igtc.COM
> Subject: RE: 17 Posts in 3 days!!!
> Date: Thursday, July 02, 1998 12:21 AM
> Isn't this the Celtics *discussion* group? While I, personally, as well
> others have spawned a large amount of messages recently, I think that our
> points are also cogent and well thought out. While no-one is stopping you
> from deleting the messages from our discussion, I think we should have
> right to post them.
> Noah