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Re: 17 Posts in 3 days!!!

Hey Greg,
Couldn't agree with you more.
Greg Odegaard wrote:
> This certainly is a discussion group, but in 3 1/2 days worth of posts out
> of 125 odd total posts you my son have 25 or 1/5.  No one else has 10 if I
> am counting right.
> Too much free time on my hands, could be, but at least try to consolidate
> your numerous one comment punch lines to a single post.  In many of your
> posts you either question one point or 8, 10 or more.  What a bore.  Lastly
> I assume few of us care about every nitpicking detail you call a poster out
> on in some attempt to be a palimentary procedure policeman.  Just once I
> would like to see you have an original idea, not just responding to details
> you disagree with.  In all 25 posts you haven't been original once.
> Curious, no?  "Noah The Re: King"
> Once again you have a right to post, just consolidate or keep it to a dull
> roar.  One might think I would be taken to task for being so critical, but
> Noah you are the first, with 8 folks posting me direct that they wish you
> would lay off the pulp fiction novels.
> Now in the spirit of the Independence Day weekend, and your inaliable right
> to freedom of speech, have a great holiday,
> Greg
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> > From: Noah P. Evans <ishbak@conknet.com>
> > To: Greg Odegaard <gmodegaa@longvred.rmc.com>; celtics@igtc.COM
> > Subject: RE: 17 Posts in 3 days!!!
> > Date: Thursday, July 02, 1998 12:21 AM
> >
> > Isn't this the Celtics *discussion* group? While I, personally, as well
> as
> > others have spawned a large amount of messages recently, I think that our
> > points are also cogent and well thought out. While no-one is stopping you
> > from deleting the messages from our discussion, I think we should have
> the
> > right to post them.
> >
> > Noah
> >