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Re: Who's got Stones

----- Original Message ----- From: "Schrade, Scott"

> There may be some
> dude on a Stones list, right now, saying The Who suck 'cause Daltrey's
> vocals have been horrible since 1982.

Daltrey's vocals are not what they once were.  That's one more reason I want
this tour and album to happen.  I think it could be the last chance.  We'll
just have to disagree about Mick's voice.

> The half-assed Who has given me some special moments, sure.  However,
> I'm a Who-Freak.  But what are they contributing to Rock & Roll?  And
> don't be so quick to dismiss that question.  Pete holds Rock & Roll in
> high regard.  He knows its power; what it can do; the positive effects
> it can induce; what a rock band can achieve; how a rock band can help
> people.

I'm hoping the contribution is a really special album in the near future.
At this point I'm not sure what to believe, though.  I mean Pete and Roger
*both* said they'd be playing Tommy at the RAH, Roger just a month ago.  At
this point I'd be surprised if the new album really is a concept album based
on The Boy Who Heard Music.

> The Who rehearse 20 songs for a tour.  The Stones rehearse 100 - 200.
> You do see the difference, right?

I just looked on their website and counted 53 songs played on their last
tour.  That's a lot, but it ain't 200.  I guess they just practiced 147 of
them for kicks.

> How about this:  I'll take the recent RAH set-list & let you know what
> can be dropped.

Not good enough.  You've got to actually suggest some replacements.  I'll
give you 6 tracks from the new album, including the 2 we already know.  I'll
also save you the trouble and assume you're picking Dreaming From The Waist.

Your mainstays are:

> Who Are You - Keep it.  It's one of the mainstays.
> Baba O'Riley - Keep it.  A mainstay.
> Won't Get Fooled Again - Keep it.  A mainstay.
> Pinball Wizard - Keep it.  A mainstay.
> See Me Feel Me / Listening To You - Keep it.  A mainstay.

That's 12 songs, total.  Plus, you want them to vary the set, right?  I
won't expect you to come up with 53 songs for the tour.  How about 18 more
to make a nice, round 30?  Let's hear some suggestions.

Jim M