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Re: Looking for 'da bomb'...and the Stones

----- Original Message ----- From: "An English Boy"

> Yeah, I guess Mick Jagger got ahold of _ALL_ those circulating bootlegs
> that same tour (Fall/Winter '69) that feature even better performances and
> laid new vocal trax on those too.

Here's what the guy I referenced says (and I have no idea if it's true):

      "Reviewer: tommymacluckie from New Orleans, LA United States
If you have not seen Gimme Shelter you need to. Jagger not only sang the
chorus to "Jumpin' Jack Flash" different on this tour, there is no
overdubbing on the DVD. The only tracks that have the live vocals on Ya-Ya's
are the superb "Midnight Rambler" and the Baltimore (not New York) recorded
"Love In Vain". If you listen carefully throughout the whole record you can
hear the live vocal come through the guitar tracks (just as you can on Love
You Live and Still Life). "
Jim M