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Re: Who's got Stones

> Let's play a game.


I'm in

> If The Who do record a new album and then tour, what would be your
> ideal set?  Let's assume they play 5-7 songs from the new album.  What
> other 15 songs would you want them to play?

How about this:  I'll take the recent RAH set-list & let you know what
can be dropped.

Who Are You - Keep it.  It's one of the mainstays.
Steve agrees. Also upbeat, anthem type tune.

I Can't Explain - Drop it.  Make some room for new material.
I agree - been around a long time.

Substitute - Drop it.
Dissagree - still says for me how I didn't seem to fit as a teen.

Anyway Anyhow Anywhere - Drop it.
And fast. Replace it with???? as a start song.

Baba O'Riley - Keep it. A mainstay.
Well, if you've got to drop a standard...but we do have teenage wasteland - a great line for us older folk who bulk up the audience - out of date?

Behind Blue Eyes - Drop it.  Really, who would miss it?
Not me, not now, not ever.

5.15 - Jesus, drop it.

Sea and Sand - Drop it.

Love Reign O'er Me - Drop this horrible live song.

In short, say good bye to Quad I think....

Eminence Front - Drop it. Who would care?
I would. I've always enjoyed this one - I say keep it. (fun, upbeat, meaningless song yes)

You Better You Bet - Drop it.  Who would care?
Drop it fast, and never mention it again.

Real Good Looking Boy - Keep it.  New song.

The Kid's Are Alright - Drop it.
Please, please do, esp with new verses....

My Generation / Old Red Wine - Drop MG. Keep ORW.

Keep MG as an opening? or as part of a blues medley maybe. ORW, keep as it is new

Won't Get Fooled Again - Keep it.  A mainstay.

Pinball Wizard - Keep it.  A mainstay.
Yes, ok, but I could be convinced.

Amazing Journey / Sparks - Time to drop it.
No, keep this as the encore/concert ender - love these tunes. Add in Overture.

See Me Feel Me / Listening To You - Keep it. A mainstay.

Drop these.

There.  I cleared *eleven* songs from the set-list, leaving some choice
"hits."  Now, fill those eleven slots with some rarities & maybe some
*minor* hits & you'll have a fresh, exciting, *new* set-list.

Add in Tricky Day. And Slipkid.

Steve in Canada

- SCHRADE in Akron

The Council For Secular Humanism