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Playing the game

> I mentioned it as a joke two years ago, simply
relating in a jocular way the stupid things I
sometimes do when drunk.


You might want to let someone give you an objective
point of view on that, someday, before you jump at
shadows. It's no insult so you've got no case. Stop
trying to make more of it than there is. As Eddie
Murphy said about Michael Jackson, you're so

> I have moved on, why can't you?

Did I miss something? Did you not say something about
my reply? Did I mention you in any way? No? So it
seems YOU are the one who's living in the past, as Ian
Anderson would say.

> It's pathetic.

That you get that drunk, yeah I agree. It's damned

> hatred for someone you have never met.

You think I hate you? No. You'd know it if I hated

> That's a sickness.  Seek help.

BWAH HA HA HA HA HA HA! God, that's funny.

> Let's play a game.


I want to play, too!

> Who Are You - Keep it.  It's one of the mainstays.

Dump it. They ALWAYS play this one.

> I Can't Explain - Drop it.  Make some room for new

Keep it. Gets you on your feet and it's very short.

> Substitute - Drop it.


> Anyway Anyhow Anywhere - Drop it.


> Baba O'Riley - Keep it.  A mainstay.

Outenzie! Too much of ANYTHING is too much for me!

> Behind Blue Eyes - Drop it.  Really, who would miss


> 5.15 - Jesus, drop it.

Out of respect for John.

> Sea and Sand - Drop it.

Ahhh...I don't know about that. Love that one.

> Love Reign O'er Me - Drop this horrible live song.

Agreed except about the horrible.

> Eminence Front - Drop it.  Who would care?

Replace it with Daily Records.

> You Better You Bet - Drop it.  Who would care?

Good call.

> Real Good Looking Boy - Keep it.  New song.


> The Kid's Are Alright - Drop it.

I can't go with you on this one.

> My Generation / Old Red Wine - Drop MG.  Keep ORW.


> Won't Get Fooled Again - Keep it.  A mainstay.

I could do without it, if it was replaced by another
anthem, like say Rael.

> Pinball Wizard - Keep it.  A mainstay.

To quote Aerosmith, "No more no more..."

> Amazing Journey / Sparks - Time to drop it.

Not for me.

> See Me Feel Me / Listening To You - Keep it.  A

THIS one I'd drop.

> Did You Steal My Money is not exactly the mega-hit
and concert staple that Shattered is.

Yeah, well...that's true, but I don't know about
"mega-hit." It was a minor hit, at best. And it serves
the purpose, to get people up.

> Well, I'll try to lay my hands on a copy, but
judging by MR, I don't think

Oh come on! It's just different, that's all.

> track listing and one reviewer seemed to think most
of Mick's vocals on the
album were added afterwards.  I'm not surprised.

It's a rumor, not supported by the performance and the
footage from the movie Gimme Shelter. It's got as much
validity as Page playing lead on ICE.

"For a century and a half now, America and Japan have
formed one of the great and enduring alliances of
modern times."
    George "I make it up as I go along" Bush

Cheers         ML

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