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Re: Who's got Stones

----- Original Message ----- From: "Schrade, Scott"

> Seems like most of my friends still dig 'em hard.  Keith Richards is
> like a counter-culture god to them.  And one of my gay friends is really
> into Mick!!

Why any man, woman or beast would find Mick Jagger attractive is completely
beyond me.  I can see why people can get into Keith's bad-boy image.  If I
was a big Stones fan when I was younger I'm sure I'd still think they were
great.  But, how would I have gotten so attatched to a singles band in the
first place?

> > And, did I mention that they suck live?
> They don't suck.  They're good musicians & they put on their show.  They
> give the audience what it wants & more.

OK, I was probably a bit broad with that statement.  My real problem is
Mick.  I simply can not listen to his groaning.  You talk about how The Who
were their equal in stature up until the 80's, but I remember 81, when both
bands had huge tours with simulcast concerts.  The Stones concert made a
much bigger commotion among rock fans.  It wasn't even close.  Then I heard
it, and I just couldn't believe how bad Mick in particular sounded.  And,
he's been getting worse ever since.  That was when I realized that the
inferior group was more popular, and that's just the way it is.  And, don't
you believe that the fact they have been more popular has encouraged them to
release more music, which has in turn made them even more popular?  It's an
ongoing media marketing cycle.

> More than The Who gives their
> audience.  I mean, The Who have passion & a certain fierceness, but the
> staleness of their concert set-lists is starting to stink, IMO.

OK, look.  I don't think anyone goes to a Stones show to hear Don't Stop.
Both bands live off of their old material.  The Stones *do* have more of it
than The Who, though.  Let's play a game.  If The Who do record a new album
and then tour, what would be your ideal set?  Let's assume they play 5-7
songs from the new album.  What other 15 songs would you want them to play?
I accept that you'd want to leave some songs out because they've been played
on multiple tours in recent years.

> > Next time your Stones friend tries to give you shit, just do an
> > impression of Mick "singing" Shattered.
> And have them fight back by singing a lame Who song in my face?  No way.

That's not even what I mean.  I *like* Shattered.  The problem is that Mick
can't sing it.  In fact, he simply can not sing anymore.  Am I the only one
that can hear that?  All of the guys in both bands are showing age, but Mick
lost it a long, long time ago.

Jim M